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SharePoint Extranet Workspace Example

An Extranet workspace designed by aento upon Microsoft SharePoint allows your business to collaborate and share knowledge with business partners wherever they may be located. Content can be targeted to specific users and/or user groups and rich dashboards can be created to allow users to see at a glance the key information important to their roles and responsibilities.

aento enhances SharePoint built in features to provide you with a Extranet solution that is a perfect match for your requirements.  From providing simple information portals through to complex, self service, line of business applications, we can provide you with an Extranet that allows you to transform your business efficiency and achieve a rapid return on investment.  We can also integrate SharePoint Extranets with legacy and other systems and assist you migrate your existing content, data and business processes to your new Extranet. 

Our branding team can make your Extranet site look the part and accelerate user adoption by designing and implementing a site theme that provides an optimised user experience whilst conforming fully to your Corporate design guidelines.

This page contains just a few screen shots of an Extranet site created by aento using Microsoft SharePoint.

A User Targeted Portal

Dashboards can be created to show users information pertinent only to their role, projects, etc.   The simple example below shows a dashboard giving corporate announcements, easy access to shared documents, a task list and links to other important resources.

A SharePoint based Extranet is ideal as a repository for corporate policies and documents.  SharePoint provides a wide range of features to support Document Management and Corporate Compliance Policies.  Documents can be uploaded to repositories via the browser or directly from within compatible Microsoft Office applications.  Workflows can be created to automatically route documents for review and approval.  Document retention policies can be set and access to viewing and editing individual documents can be configured for individual users and/or user groups.

Extranet and Portals

Rich In-browser Page and Content Editing

You can easily edit the content of your Extranet pages by using SharePoint Editing Tools. Building WIKIs or adding static pages to your Extranet is easy using the built in "in-browser" editing tools.  Pages can be added, edited deleted etc. based upon permissions assigned to individual users or user groups.  In other words an outstanding Content Management System.  Using custom Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) implemented by aento means that anything created or edited by your users will conform to your Corporate design guidelines.

Business Editing Tools

Shared Calendar and Scheduling

Calendaring and resource scheduling is built in allowing you to share schedules, co-ordinate events and meetings and more.  Calendars and schedules can be linked to Microsoft Outlook.  Calendars can be edited either from within Microsoft Outlook or directly in the browser.


Easy User Permission Management

Administrators can easily manager user permissions for the Extranet. Permissions can be granted to individual users and/or users can be assigned to User Groups such that permissions granted to individuals sharing similar roles and responsibilities can be easily maintained.  Permissions can be integrated with Active Directory or other Single Sign-On methodologies.

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