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UK SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Applications from aento


aento's SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Applications can rapidly move your business processes "online" and transform your business efficiency

aento provides rapid development, in the UK, of SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Applications that provide exceptional levels of security, reliability, functionality and user experience.

SharePoint provides great features out of the box that makes it an outstanding platform for building corporate intranets, extranets, websites and other line of business solutions. For even the most complex projects, standard SharePoint features can provide 70% to 80% of the overall functionality required for a business solution. The fact that standard SharePoint features can readily be extended using various development tools and technologies means that any additional features and functionality required for a final solution can easily and quickly be added by aento's UK SharePoint Solutions experts. This provides a quantum shift in terms of lowering cost and timescale to develop and deploy applications that transform business efficiency by automating back-end and front-end business processes.

Projects that previously required months of development time can be completed in weeks whilst at the same time providing a more feature rich, user friendly, configurable and scalable solution than previously possible.

Delivering successful SharePoint Solutions  and SharePoint Applications requires the integration of several key disciplines:

  • Requirements analysis
  • User Interface Design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Content Migration
  • Support &Maintenance

aento provides you with the complete skill set to ensure that SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Applications are delivered successfully and that return on investment is recovered as quickly as possible.

There is an old adage when working with materials to "measure twice and cut once". We use an equivalent philosophy when working on SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Applications development. Our starting point is always to work with customers to fully analyse and understand the business requirements to be addressed. We then produce an outline specification which is, in turn, broken into detailed specifications for specific functionality as required. We adopt a flexible Rapid Application Development,  "scrum" type methodology to implementing design. This means that we deliver the smallest chunks of the project possible as frequently as possible to allow review by all stakeholders.

SharePoint Versions

We work with all versions of SharePoint from 2007 onwards. We work with on premises installations of SharePoint and with SharePoint running inside Office 365.

Geographical Coverage

aento provides SharePoint Consulting services to businesses large and small throughout the UK. Being based in Monmouth, on the South Wales/South West England border our SharePoint Consultants are ideally located to serve businesses through Wales, Southern England and the Midlands.

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At aento, we have the technical skills and experience required for cutting edge software and web solution development.

In addition, we have extensive experience of Corporate Compliance, Quality System Implementation, Business Development, Business Process Analysis, Project Management and Market Communication.

Our combination of skills and experience make us uniquely placed to help ensure that your project will be a success.

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We're always happy to meet with friends old and new. In return for a cup of coffee, we'll come along and chat through your plans and requirements with absolutely no obligation. If you prefer to visit us, we'll throw in the coffee.

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Building web sites and web applications upon SharePoint allows us to rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex applications, saving you time and money and helping to ensure a Rapid Return On Investment.
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