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SharePoint Websites from aento UK

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Build your UK business online with a SharePoint Website developed by aento

A public facing website has never been more important to your business or organisation. Your website is increasingly the primary point of interaction with your customers, partners, suppliers and general public The explosion of internet connectivity provided by PCs, Laptops, netbooks, tablets and smart phones means that whatever people want to find, whenever they want to find it, wherever they are, they look first to the web.

Users increasingly expect more from their web experience. They expect websites to provide not only information but also tools, services, social engagement and interactivity. They expect websites to be accessible across all the different devices they may use for Internet access.

Out of the box, the SharePoint platform has a host of features that can be used as the basis for cutting edge websites that fulfil all user expectations.

We get very excited about SharePoint Websites because, in our experience, given proper up front analysis of requirements, up to 80% of even the most complex website design requirements can be met by SharePoint's out of the box features. This enables us to focus on the remaining 20% of the application that requires bespoke user interface, user experience and software development. The result being that we can rapidly deliver even the most complex of SharePoint Websites allowing you to promote your brand, develop customer relationships and build your online community.  Development costs are kept to a minimum and your Return on Investment is maximised.

SharePoint Websites that are responsive

As the world changes ever more rapidly, so does your business and so do the messages that you need to deliver to your website audience. Whether it be via blogs, wikis, social media or just being able to easily change the content on your website, we've got you covered.

Any SharePoint Website delivered by aento will have, at its core, a great, easy to use, Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to edit page content, add new pages, manage blogs and wikis, upload pictures and media and integrate with social media without needing a web designer. Using familiar Microsoft Office tools you can easily manage and edit the content of your website safe in the knowledge that everything you publish will conform to the design guidelines adopted for your website.

SharePoint Websites that are social

Social Media, is no longer the sole preserve of college kids. Maintaining communication with customers and partners and managing reputation via social media like Facebook and Twitter is now increasingly critical to businesses and organisations. We can integrate your SharePoint website with all of the popular social media platforms and advise you on a social media strategy that allows you to communicate with your target audience through the most appropriate medium depending on the message to be delivered.

SharePoint Websites that deliver

The first question we ask potential customers when discussing a SharePoint website (or any) project is "What are the key things you want to achieve with this project?" For some clients it is to build a brand and increase visibility on the web, for others it is to provide better service to customers and partners, for some it is clearly about sales lead generation, for others converting leads to sales using e-commerce tools. For many it is all of the above and more. Whatever your requirement, we'll work with you to make sure your website is optimised to achieve your goals.

As mentioned above, we can integrate your SharePoint Website with other social media platforms. We can also prepare your SharePoint Website for online marketing and work with you to ensure your website gets seen by your target audience. Some people refer to this as Search Engine Optimisation but this is now really too simple a term. We provide a holistic approach to online marketing that includes Content Management, Search Engine Visibility, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management. If you need your website to be a sales platform, we can integrate SharePoint Websites with e-commerce platforms.

SharePoint Website reliability

We build SharePoint websites based on technologies that work and are proven reliable. We test all websites for compatibility and correct functioning in all major browsers. We can provide sites specifically tailored for mobile or simply make sure that your standard site looks great on the key smartphone browsers.

SharePoint Online and Office 365 public Websites?

SharePoint Online and Office 365 no longer support the development of public websites. For organisations using Office 365, Microsoft has encouraged them to move public websites to a platform such as WordPress or other Web development platform. SharePoint running on a client's own server (on premises or co-located) remains a strong platform for a corporate website. For low cost, SharePoint website solutions, SharePoint Foundation 2013 remains an available product that can be used as a reliable and stable platform. Please contact us for more details.

aento's UK SharePoint Websites Customers

aento provides SharePoint Website development services to customers across the UK and internationally. As a business based in Monmouth, UK, aento is particularly well placed to work with businesses throughout Wales, Southern England and the Midlands

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At aento, we have the technical skills and experience required for cutting edge software and web solution development.

In addition, we have extensive experience of Corporate Compliance, Quality System Implementation, Business Development, Business Process Analysis, Project Management and Market Communication.

Our combination of skills and experience make us uniquely placed to help ensure that your project will be a success.

Building web sites and web applications upon SharePoint allows us to rapidly develop and deploy even the most complex applications, saving you time and money and helping to ensure a Rapid Return On Investment.

Microsoft SharePoint does not need to be expensive.
Many of the Intranets and Extranets we build are based upon either the Free Microsoft SharePoint Foundation or the monthly subscription based Office365 platform.
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