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FREE website performance audit

Check SEO, usability and performance of your website

Enter the URL of your homepage and click “Run Audit”.

Your free website performance audit report will appear on screen in 1 minute or less and a pdf copy will automatically be emailed to you.

Get a free website performance audit report in 1 minute or less

Your website is one of your key business assets.  It should be working hard for you 24/7, driving new business and supporting existing customers.

Are you sure your website is working hard for your business?

FREE website performance audit

Run a free performance audit on your website now and see results immediately

Quickly identify any technical issues on your website that may be affecting its performance.  Get prioritised recommendations on what to fix to improve your website performance.

Our free website performance audit automatically checks the following key areas of your website performance:

Free website audit service

free website performance audit

View your website’s performance audit report on-screen in 1 minute or less.

Get a pdf copy emailed to you for your records.

the most comprehensive free website performance audit

Our website performance audit provides the most comprehensive checks available in a free tool

The areas checked by our website peformance audit are all key to the reliability, performance and usability of your website.  And all it takes is 1 minute of your time. Enter your website address into the form above, hit the “Run Audit” button and wait for your audit results to be presented to you on screen.  

free website performance audit – website SEO

Checks your website SEO

Does your website have technical issues that are preventing it showing in google search results?

Evaluates header and keyword density
Analyses Title and Meta Tags
Crawls internal and external backlinks
Checks website structure and analytics
and more...

free website performance audit – website usability

Checks your website usability

Does your website offer the best possible user experience?

Shows you how your website displays on mobile and desktop devices
Checks for outdated technologies like flash and iframes
Checks your website code is readable and search engine friendly
Checks your website favicon
and more...

free website performance audit – website performance and google page speed

Checks your website performance

Are you losing customers because your website is too slow?

Checks server response rate
Analyses page content and page load speed
Checks for HTML, CSS and javascript errors
Checks for image optimisation and asset minification
and more...

free website performance audit – website security

Checks your website security

Are security issues limiting your audience reach?

Checks if an active SSL certificate is in use
Checks HTTP traffic is re-directed to HTTPS
Checks software and email privacy
and more...
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