Microsoft 365 data migration services

Migrating data and files into Microsoft 365 from legacy systems can be a daunting task. 

We can help you plan your transition, organise legacy data and seamlessly move your content into Microsoft 365.

Bespoke Microsoft 365 data migration

Your data is unique, that is why you need a bespoke Microsoft 365 data migration service

We specialise in the migration of documents, data, files and other content into Microsoft 365.  We can work with source data residing in a wide variety of legacy systems.

Don’t let legacy data and content migration be a road block to return on investment in Microsoft 365

Successfully migrating existing documents, files and content into Microsoft 365 is a key factor in the return on investment you can achieve. You probably have a wide range of varied data, files and information that you want to move into the appropriate Microsoft 365 tool.

We specialise Microsoft 365 data migration.  We can help move documents, data, files and other content into Microsoft 365.  We can work with source data residing in a wide variety of legacy systems.  We work with you to understand the assets that you want to move into the cloud and build a plan of how to migrate that data efficiently.

With a migration plan in hand, we use our own libraries of migration utilities to build a custom migration toolset for your particular project.

We will then perform the migration in accordance with an agreed timescale. We will provide you full reports on the migration for quality assurance and verification purposes.  Our Microsoft 365 data migration utilities are designed to move data into Microsoft 365 as efficiently as possible and to avoid throttling restrictions.  This means you can continue to use your Microsoft 365 tools as normal whilst we migrate your legacy data.

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Migrate documents and files to Microsoft 365

Whether you’re moving documents from legacy file servers and file shares, other Document Management System, or on-premises SharePoint, we can migrate all of your documents and files into Microsoft 365.  We can maintain the full integrity of document properties, can automatically organise and categorise migrated files as well as update documents and add new properties and meta data as needed.  Because we build a customised Microsoft 365 data migration tool for your specific project there is virtually no limit to what we can do as part of the migration.

Some examples of what we’re often asked to do as part of an Microsoft 365 data migration:

  • Move documents into Microsoft 365 from a wide variety of sources. File shares, individual “My Documents”, other SharePoint versions, Document Management Systems, etc.
  • Maintain standard document properties such as created date, modified date, author, etc.
  • Maintain custom document properties embedded into documents for supported file types, i.e. office documents and pdf files.
  • Maintain version histories from legacy Document Management Systems.
  • Assign migrated documents to sites, libraries, folders, document sets, content types, meta data, tags, etc based on document properties, source file folder structure, etc.
  • Apply document retention policies, user access permissions, audience targeting.
  • Convert documents to other formats on migration.
  • Create managed meta data taxonomy or populate “lookup lists” with unique meta data values during migration

An independent partner for your Microsoft 365 data migration

aento is a Microsoft Partner but we don’t resell Microsoft 365 and don’t make money from your Microsoft 365 licenses.

We don’t compete with traditional IT support companies.  Rather we complement the services provided by your current IT support team.

We focus on providing the best independent advice and support to our clients. Our objective is to allow you to start using the Microsoft 365 platform as quickly as possible with a Microsoft 365 configuration and toolset that maximises your return on investment.

Microsoft 365 data migration – should you move all you data and content?

With the extensive toolset offered by Microsoft 365, it is worthwhile considering moving as much external data and content into the appropriate Microsoft 365 tool as possible.  This will provide users with an integrated online access to all of your key business data.

  • Import data from external databases and cross link back to original database record.
  • import data into appropriate Microsoft 365 tool, e.g. SharePoint, Planner, Calendar, Tasks, etc.
  • Import Taxonomies
  • Create pseudo relational databases in SharePoint.
  • Re-create WIKI content in SharePoint

Integrating 3rd party systems with Microsoft 365

In cases where it is not appropriate to import data from external systems in Microsoft 365, we can integrate the systems holding that data with Microsoft 365.  This allows data from external systems to be surfaced and worked with within Microsoft 365.  Building new user experiences in Microsoft 365 can transform the usage of legacy 3rd party systems.

Why aento?

At aento we have been working with Microsoft 365 since its first release.  Our technical capabilities cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Microsoft 365 business solutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes.  Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

Migrate email mailboxes into Microsoft 365

We can help you plan and manage the cutover from your legacy email system to Microsoft 365 exchange.  We can support the following types of email migration.

  • Migrate mailboxes from on premises Microsoft Exchange.   Migrate from Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 using cutover, express or staged migration.
    Import from Outlook pst files.
  • Migration from other IMAP enabled email systems. Email from IMAP systems can be copied into pre-existing Microsoft  365 mailboxes.
  • Programmatic migration.  For complex cases, we can import email via custom email import utilities.
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