Microsoft SharePoint branding and user experience (UX) design

We build beautiful, responsive user experience designs (UX designs) for Microsoft SharePoint that work effortlessly across devices and helps drive user adoption. Microsoft SharePoint branding to match your corporate image.

Microsoft SharePoint UX design

Good UX design drives user adoption

We provide Microsoft SharePoint UX design and branding solutions.  We achieve unique and compelling user experiences for Microsoft SharePoint sites and solutions.

The importance of Microsoft SharePoint branding

Coporate branding is important to help promote your business values and promote a sense of ownership.  User interface design and branding have a significant impact on the way users interact with your Microsoft SharePoint solution.  Aento has many years of experience in providing Microsoft SharePoint branding solutions that encourage user adoption, promotes correct use of the site and increases user productivity.

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Microsoft SharePoint UX design

Whatever solution you build with Microsoft SharePoint, you are essentially building one or more connected websites, built on standard web technologies.  Just like any website, good user experience (UX) is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your solution.

  • Is your Microsoft SharePoint site useful?  Does it contain the content and features that your users actually need?
  • Is your Microsoft SharePoint site usable?  Is it easy for users to navigate your solution? Can users easily find relevant information?
  • Is your Microsoft SharePoint site accessible to all your users?   Your solution should be as accessible as possible to users with disabilities.
  • Is your Microsoft SharePoint site responsive.  Can it be used equally well on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops?
  • Does your Microsoft SharePoint site promote user satisfaction?  Does it improve their daily work experience, make it easier and more efficient for users to do their jobs?

Why aento?

At aento we have been working with Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies for over 12 years.  Our technical capabilities cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes.  Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

The good news is that, being web standards compliant, the opportunities for custom user experience design and branding within Microsoft SharePoint are the same as for any website.  We can create a Microsoft SharePoint solution with corporate branding and UX design that fully meets your requirements.

No two Microsoft SharePoint branding requirements are the same. Each customer’s requirements is unique. From simple colour schemes that match your corporate image to detailed design of each site page and the components on each page.  Whatever your Microsoft SharePoint branding and UX design requirements we can help.

One consideration when customising SharePoint is to ensure that all modifications made are fully compatible with all underlying SharePoint features and functionality.  Poorly implemented customisations run the risk of being “broken” by Microsoft’s regular upgrades of the SharePoint platform.

All branding and user experience design by aento is undertaken to be fully compatible with the underlying SharePoint platform.

Using a well defined process we can develop and deliver complete SharePoint site design and branding at a competitive price.

We work with you to identify the design elements and user interface interactions that are important to your solution. We then rapidly provide design prototypes for you to review before final implementation of the design for deployment to your SharePoint site.

Whatever your requirements, you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost and quick turnaround.

Do I really need to consider Microsoft SharePoint UX design?


Classic experience SharePoint sites

Traditional, “Classic experience” SharePoint solutions had, by default, significant user experience issues, not least of which was poor built in “responsive design”, leading to less than satisfactory user experience on mobile devices.   aento has significant experience of solving all of these design issues and is able to provide full responsive “Classic Experience” designs using SharePoint themes, custom master pages, custom css stylesheets, javascript and custom web parts.

Modern experience SharePoint sites

With the launch of the “modern SharePoint experience”, Microsoft has definitely moved to improve the “look and feel” of Microsoft SharePoint out of the box.   Even so, default SharePoint sites can still look pretty uninspiring.   Equally, when you start a new SharePoint project, you will be starting with a blank page.  What information and features do you want to add to your SharePoint site, how and where to display content along with the overall look and feel of the solution.  All of these factors and more add  to the “good design” of the SharePoint site.

aento is able to apply full custom branding and user experience design to modern experience SharePoint sites.  We can design every element of the SharePoint site, lists and list views, user input forms, web parts, overall site themes and look and feel, etc.

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