Microsoft SharePoint customisation and application development

From simple workflows to complex business process automation.  We provide the complete skill set to understand your requirements and build transformative solutions.

Whatever level of Microsoft SharePoint customisation you need for your project, aento can help. Browser based configuration, no code solutions or custom code. In every case, we use best industry practices to ensure that customisations made are reliable, functional and maintainable.

When “out of the box” is not enough

Sometimes the out of the box features of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 won’t quite do what you need. The good news is that SharePoint and Microsoft 365 are both highly customisable and extendable. Aento has many years of experience in enterprise application development using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. We are fully experienced with all of the options available for Microsoft SharePoint customisation and software development. We are able to select the best option for your particular requirement.

The options for Microsoft SharePoint customisation are almost endless. From small customisations to make an intranet more intuitive to full enterprise applications, choosing aento as a SharePoint development partner will allow you to fully deliver the requirements for your SharePoint project.

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Microsoft SharePoint Customisation

Our whole focus when considering Microsoft SharePoint customisation is to provide your users with an easy to use, attractive, intuitive user experience that promotes user adoption and user satisfaction.

Custom web parts

Almost everything you see on a page in a SharePoint site collection is a web part. Whether it be a list view of a document library, a calendar, a data entry form or an embedded video. Web parts are really the building blocks of a SharePoint page. Microsoft SharePoint ships with a large number of built in web parts providing a wide range of functionality. For requirements not supported out of the box, we can develop custom web parts that you can embed on your pages. A custom web part could be developed to show data held in SharePoint in a unique and meaningful way, pull and display headline statistics from a list or library. A custom web part could be developed to allow interaction with external data or a 3rd party service, e.g. Address lookup via a post code checker. The possibilities are endless.

Custom user forms

We can create mobile ready, responsive forms for any SharePoint list or library allowing you to improve your user experience of your SharePoint solution. We can build dynamic forms that respond based on user input and provide conditional formatting and data validation. Users only see the fields they need ensuring correct data collection.

We can build “wizards” that step your users through the entry of complex data. We can employ logic to allow wizard steps to be presented or skipped depending on user data entry.

Why aento?

At aento we have been working with Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies for over 12 years.  Our technical capabilities cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes.  Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

List view custom formatting

Highlight important data in a SharePoint list view with custom, conditional formatting. Enhance list views with graphical data, progress bars, spark lines, etc.

When required, we can replace the built in SharePoint listviews completely with custom data grids and spreadsheet type views that provide enhanced data visualisation and editing capabilities.

User interface customisation

You might want to streamline the SharePoint user interface and remove menu items and buttons that your users do not need. Maybe you want to add custom menu items and commands that add functionality or easy access to existing functions, e.g. Start a workflow or business process. Aento has many years experience providing focussed, productive user interfaces for Microsoft SharePoint.


We can develop a dynamic navigation structure that allows users to see only navigation options relevant to them. Navigation bars with concise and clear organisation allow people to rapidly and easily access information about your company.

Data roll-up

We can provide sophisticated data roll-ups that collect data from different SharePoint sites and other external sources. Data roll ups can be surfaced to users in various visualisations including tables, statistics, charts, etc.

Automatic content creation

Improve the productivity of users and the accuracy of information by automating document and content creation. We can automate the creation of content in your SharePoint solution. Maybe you need a new project site to be created with defined content each time a new project is added. Maybe you need to automatically create documents such as proposals, invoices or reports.

Security enhancements

We can provide you with a more fine grained security solution than that provided out of the box by Microsoft SharePoint. We can provide you with improved permissions management and easier permissions auditing.

Microsoft SharePoint customisation options

Some of the options that we can use in developing a Microsoft SharePoint app.

Power user options

    • Power Automate
    • Flow
    • SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Worflows
    • Power Apps
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Programmatic options

      • Office Developer patterns and practices api
      • Office 365 CLI
      • Microsoft Graph API
      • SharePoint Framework (SPFX) web parts
      • SharePoint Framework (SPFX) extensions
      • Microsof Azure integration
      • Standalone apps

Legacy options

    • SharePoint Add-ins (apps)
    • Sandbox solutions
    • Farm solutions
    • Script injection


We can provide you with tools that easily allow you to mine data from across your Microsoft SharePoint solution(s) and automatically create reports that include calculated statistics, graphical visualisations and tabular presentations of data. Reports can be generated and exported to file formats such as csv, excel and pdf.


Improve user’s search experience by targeting search to certain locations or assets within SharePoint. Improve the usability of Search results with customised Search result displays.

Microsoft SharePoint customisation – workflows and business process automation

We can design and implement your business process or business logic in one or more workflows.  We focus on developing workflows that work reliably and consistently with enhanced logging and notifications.

Microsoft SharePoint provides an unrivalled platform for hosting business workflows and automating a wide range of business processes.  These processes can run entirely on SharePoint or integrate with other 3rd party enterprise applications and services.

For relatively simple requirements, we can develop workflows and business processes using Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Flow and/or traditional SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 workflows. For more complicated requirements, we can develop coded solutions that take advantage of other Microsoft tools and platforms such as Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft SharePoint customisation – using Microsoft Azure to extend the capabilities of SharePoint

In large part, customisations that you make directly to SharePoint will only run when SharePoint is open in your browser.  Workflows may run in the background but are best suited for relatively simple business process and logic.

Often, a SharePoint intranet or enterprise application will require processes to run in the background, or on a schedule or to implement quite complicated business logic.    This is where the various services offered by the Microsoft Azure come in.  aento is able to develop software that runs on Microsoft Azure that can fully integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

Long running and scheduled processes

Often a business application will require a long running background process or one or more processes to be run on a defined schedule.   Microsoft Azure provides a resilient, stable, scalable platform for such processes.  We can develop processes running in Microsoft Azure that integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, perform operations on data and content held in SharePoint and provide extensive logging and feedback.

Typical long running and/or scheduled processes may include:

  • Automatic export of data and content meeting specific criteria to a 3rd party system.
  • Automatic update of data and content held in SharePoint from a 3rd party system.
  • Monitoring of data and content.
  • Backup of data and content.
  • Data verification and integrity checkss
  • Movement or re-classification of data based on various criteria.
  • Periodic statistics update based on review and analysis of data held in SharePoint.

Event driven processes

Microsoft SharePoint lists and libraries can be configured to communicate with functions running in Microsoft Azure whenever items and documents are added, modified, checked in, checked out or deleted.   We can develop processes to run in Microsoft Azure that act in response to these triggers and perform a wide range of event driven and time critical operations.

Typical event driven processes may include:

  • Start a business process or workflow when a document is checked in to a SharePoint document library.
  • Analyse updated data and other records, calculate and update an overall summary statistic.
  • Maintain data referential integrity if you are using SharePoint as a pseudo referential database.
  • Email stakeholders based on specific values of data updated in SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint customisation – Building enterprise applications with Microsoft SharePoint

Because of its unrivaled customisation potential, Microsoft SharePoint provides an exceptional platform upon which to rapidly develop bespoke enterprise applications.  We can use all of our expertise and experience with SharePoint customisation to produce systems for document management, customer relationship management, project and task management, help desks and more.

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