Microsoft SharePoint data migration services

Do you need to migrate external data, files and content into Microsoft SharePoint? Why not smooth the transition to Microsoft SharePoint by using aento’s comprehensive, bespoke Microsoft SharePont data migration services?

Microsoft SharePoint data migration experts

Cost effective, bespoke data migration solutions

Wherever it currently resides, we help organise and move your data and content securely and efficiently into Microsoft SharePoint.  Our bespoke Microsoft data migration service is usually lower cost than licensing generic data migration applications.

The Microsoft SharePoint data migration challenge

If you are looking to adopt Microsoft SharePoint for a new application the likelihood is that you will have a myriad of different external data and content that you want to relocate into your new Microsoft SharePoint solution.

As well as being diverse in nature you may also have a large bulk of data to migrate into SharePoint.

Getting existing data, files and content organised and into SharePoint in a structured manner is key to successful adoption of your SharePoint solution.

This is where aento can help.  We have years of experience in migrating different types of data and content into SharePoint.   Our Microsoft SharePoint data migration service is efficient and accurate based upon the use of custom software migration utilities built using our own migration libraries.  Whatever version of SharePoint you are using, we can migrate data and content to on premises SharePoint server or to SharePoint online.

What we can migrate

  • Documents and Files residing on shared file servers or individuals’ devices
  • Documents, Files and data residing in different versions of Microsoft SharePoint
  • Data stored in external database systems and data warehouses
  • Information stored in other enterprise applications
  • Content stored within legacy websites or intranets
  • Information stored in spreadsheets and other office documents
  • and more…
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Microsoft SharePoint content migration

Our Microsoft SharePoint data migration service

We work closely with you to understand your environment, the structure of your data and your migration goals.  We then build bespoke software migration utilities based upon our own proven migration libraries and use these to effect the data migration.  Full logs and reports are provided upon completion of the migration.

Key advantages

  • We work with you to help organise data prior to migration.
  • We can help verify your SharePoint solution prior to migration to ensure that it is ready for migration.
  • Using our other SharePoint Consulting services, we can help you build the SharePoint solution to which data and content is to be migrated.
  • We will prepare a Microsoft SharePoint data migration plan detailing what data is to be migrated, source locations, migration stages, and full specification for each type of file/document/data to be migrated.
  • We create custom software migration utilities to handle the migration of each type of file/document/data exactly.
  • We will comprehensively verify each migration against the agreed migration plan.
  • We provide comprehensive logging and reporting of all migrations.

What can we achieve when migrating data & content into Microsoft SharePoint?

With our custom Microsoft SharePoint data migration software we maintain the full integrity of the the files and data that we migrate into SharePoint.

  • File and document properties including creation and modification dates, author information, version history, etc can be maintained when importing.
  • File and document properties can be read from operating system file properties or from embedded file properties for relevant document types
  • Content types, meta data, tags, etc can be assigned automatically within SharePoint based on file and document properties.
  • Automatic location of files to libraries, folders, document sets, content types, meta data etc from file folder location or file name.
  • Files and documents meeting certain criteria can automatically be migrated to an archive within SharePoint.
  • Document retention policies, user access permissions and audience targeting can automatically be applied to imported files.
  • Data imported from databases can be automatically cross linked back to original database record.
  • Data imported from databases can be automatically organised into lists and libraries in SharePoint.
  • Data can be re-organised and converted to other formats as part of the migration.
  • Data imported from source spreadsheets and other office documents can be cross linked back to original document.
  • Spreadsheets and other office documents used as sources for data import can themselves be imported into a reference library.

Using a generic Microsoft SharePoint data migration tool

There are a number of generic Microsoft SharePoint data migration Tools on the market that you could choose to use to move certain data into SharePoint.  These tools are excellent in their own right and may be a perfect fit for your situation.  However, they do have a number of disadvantages to consider.

Firstly, they are generic by design.  They may have a lot of options built in to handle different migration scenarios but you will have to assign a good deal of time and resource to learn the tool and configure and test the tool for use with your data and files.  Being generic, they may well offer a lot of options that you don’t need. At the same time, the tool may not provide capability to migrate all of the different types of data that you have.

Secondly, generic migration tools are not cheap.  When considering the cost of the tool coupled with the time and resource cost required to use the tools, aento’s bespoke SharePoint data & content migration service usually works out to be a cost and time effective option.

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