Microsoft SharePoint integration with 3rd party platforms and services

We provide Microsoft SharePoint integration solutions for external databases or other service or tool with a published API. Whether you’re looking to publish information out of SharePoint or consume data from other platforms and databases.

Microsoft SharePoint integration solutions

Integrate Microsoft SharePoint with a wide range of 3rd party tools, services and databases

We integrate Microsoft SharePoint with existing enterprise applications and databases.  We also extend the power of SharePoint by interfacing with social media and other online resources and web services.

Microsoft SharePoint is a flexible platform that provides powerful features in its own right.   Consequently almost any type of enterprise application can be built solely with SharePoint.  However, SharePoint doesn’t need to be standalone.  SharePoint can be integrated with a wide range of enterprise applications and database systems.  Social media feeds and other online resources can be consumed by SharePoint.

Whatever verison of SharePoint you are using, on premises SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online the integration options are the same.  If you’re using SharePoint Online as part of a wider Microsoft  Office 365 solution we can, of course, integrate SharePoint with other elements of the Microsoft Office platform.

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Microsoft SharePoint integration with existing enterprise applications

Your organisation may already be using other enterprise applications and systems.   In which case, we can integrate SharePoint with those systems to extend their capabilities.

Key reasons to consider integrating Microsoft SharePoint with enterprise applications

There are many powerful reasons to extend the capabilities of your existing Enterprise Applications and Systems by integrating them with Microsoft SharePoint.

Knowledge and information sharing

SharePoint can be used to build portals that surface published information and documents automatically from restricted enterprise applications to a wider audience.

Using SharePoint’s security and sharing model, different sets of content can be published to different audiences.

SharePoint’s document retention and versioning features can be leveraged to manage the lifecycle of published documents and content.

Plug gaps in an enterprise application’s built in capabilities.

Use SharePoint’s document management features to provide a centralised repository of reports, statistics, documents, etc linked to records in other applications.  This means you can provide wider access to enterprise applications.  Use SharePoint to provide a web browser interface to key functions.  Provide mobile access to an enterprise application via a mobile friendly SharePoint portal.

Most enterprise applications are generic and include lots of options, fields, etc that are not applicable to every use case.  Use SharePoint integration to provide a corporate interface to enterprise applications that presents users with the exact data, options, fields, etc required for a particular application.

We can integrate Microsoft SharePoint with many different types of enterprise applications.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • IT Service Management (ITMS)
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Financial Accounting
  • Email and Messaging
  • Social Media

Why aento?

At aento we have been working with Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies for over 12 years.  Our technical capabilities cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes.  Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

Automate intra-department communication and business processes

It is often the case that events recorded in one enterprise application triggers actions across an organisation.  For example, a customer order recorded in a CRM may require related actions to be triggered in Finance, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Customer Support, etc.  Often with disconnected enterprise applications, these triggers have to be manually communicated to all relevant parties.

Consider using SharePoint to eliminate delays, remove manual interaction, avoid duplication of content and avoid use of out of date information.  SharePoint can form a hub between relevant departments.  SharePoint’s business process automation and workflow features can be used to automatically communicate between different departments.  This means that information, documents and content can be published, store and controlled through SharePoint.  Status updates can be published through SharePoint to all connected departments and enterprise applications meaning everyone is always up to date.

Extending Microsoft SharePoint with databases and online resources

As a first class, standards compliant web application, Microsoft SharePoint can be extended using standard web technologies.   Make use of 3rd party online services, integrate social media fields or use an external database as a data source.  The options are limitless.  Any database, system or service with a published Application Programming Interface (API) or data connectivity can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

Our Microsoft SharePoint integration options

Options for integration may include:

  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
  • Published Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Office 365 Graph
  • Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
  • Innovative Custom Solutions


Microsoft SharePoint as a front end for existing databases

Microsoft SharePoint provides a compelling front end solution for existing corporate databases and data warehouses.  This means you can update and improve your user experience and productivity by migrating user interfaces to web based Microsoft SharePoint portals.

Provide meaningful data visualisations within a SharePoint portal and allow users to complete Create, Read Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on databases using visually appealing web based forms.

Extend access to data housed in corporate databases using SharePoint portals and extend that data beyond the workplace.  Use SharePoint’s security and sharing features to target data to the correct audience.

Microsoft SharePoint integration with social media and other online resources

We make SharePoint even more powerful by consuming data from any of the many useful social media, business tools and reference resources available online.  Using these services enables your employees, partners and customers to be more productive and improves the accuracy, consistency and quality of information used across the organisation.

Maybe you want to show your organisation’s social media fields right within a SharePoint intranet, use a postal address lookup service, convert currencies or process data through an AI engine.  The possibilities are endless. The number of services providing data is constantly increasing.

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