We build Microsoft SharePoint intranets and portals

We build Microsoft SharePoint Intranets and Portal solutions that empower teamwork.  Allowing organisations to share and manage content and knowledge, quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate with employees, partners and customers.

Microsoft SharePoint intranets for business large and small

We design Microsoft SharePoint intranets that transform business productivity

If you are considering building a Microsoft SharePoint intranet, re-designing an existing intranet or migrating an existing Microsoft SharePoint intranet to a new version or online, we can help.

Intranets built on SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint intranets and portals

An intranet provides your organisation with a well structured digital workspace that allows employees, partners and customers to share information and knowledge.  Users can collaborate from any location, on any device and increase efficiency and productivity.  Introducing a correctly designed and well performing intranet site into a business can be truly transformative.  A good intranet provides users with an easy to use, enjoyable central hub for their day to day work.

Equally, there are many horror stories of badly planned and implemented online portals actually putting roadblocks in the way of effective business and quickly falling into disuse as users find alternative ways to be more productive.

The most effective way to ensure the success of Microsoft SharePoint intranets or portals is to engage with an experienced partner.

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Partner with aento to ensure the success of Microsoft SharePoint intranets

aento has many years of experience building intranets and portals on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.  We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.   We can leverage the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 to rapidly deliver intranets and portals fully tailored to your requirements.  We design and build intranets and portals for businesses large and small.

If you are looking to build a new intranet with SharePoint, re-design an existing intranet or migrate an existing intranet to a new version of SharePoint we can help.

How we can help with your next intranet or portal build?

Initial Advice

When you first consider a new intranet or portal for your business you’re bound to have a lot of ideas, questions and concerns.  We can discuss your plans with you and give you initial advice on what might be the best steps for you. There are a number of key factors to consider in any business software deployment and building an intranet or portal is no exception.  Whether it be questions of security and user access, performance, features, user experience, deployment timescales or user adoption, we can provide you with an initial scoping proposal on the way forward.

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365

All businesses and organisations, large or small, can benefit from a well planned and implemented intranet or portal.  With Microsoft SharePoint being one of the integral components of the cost effective Microsoft Office 365 platform, a powerful intranet is now within reach of even the smallest organisations.


Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, we can help prepare the optimum architecture for your SharePoint intranet application.  From the basic organisation of site collections and sites through to the specific customisations required to provide a full feature set, we provide you with a best practice SharePoint solution architecture.

User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX)

Not only can we brand your new intranet to match your corporate image, we can also ensure that the various user interfaces presented to users provide maximum ease of use and productivity.  We provide clear work spaces that encourage user adoption.

Why aento?

At aento we have been working with Microsoft SharePoint and related technologies for over 12 years.  Our technical capabilities cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes.  Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

Feature Building

Most of the features you need on your intranet site can be configured from out of the box SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 components.  However, if you do need unique features and functionality, we have the software development experience to build those for you using best practice tools and methods.

Business Process Automation

Turn your intranet or portal site collection into an enterprise class web application.  We can automate business workflows and processes.  We can work with Microsoft’s built in workflow tools such as Microsoft Flow and Power Automate.  Alternatively, we can provide totally bespoke solutions using custom code development.

Microsoft SharePoint Intranets for small business

Intranets were once the preserve of large corporate organisations.  Today, this is no longer the case Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 are available to business of all sizes based on a cost effective monthly per user charging scheme.

We help small businesses take advantage of the digital workplace.  We can provide our intranet and portal design services on a cost effective monthly plan.  This allows you to complete head on with larger organisations without the burden of large up front cost.

Intranet Implementation

We can build out your intranet for you based on the agreed architecture.   We use best practice build and deployment tools to build your intranet with full version control.  We deploy intranets using a development > staging > release infrastructure.  This allows us to add new features to your intranet in a dedicated development sandbox.  We can then release those new features for testing in a dedicated sandbox environment.  Finally, fully tested features can be published to your “live” released SharePoint site collection.


We can either provide training to your users specific to your new intranet or can provide you with training materials to deploy training yourself.


We employ rigorous testing at all stages of the design, development and build of your intranet site.  This can include “side by side” testing with your users to help identify any issues with the overall user experience.

Support and Maintenance

We can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance.  All of the intranets built by us are managed in a version controlled code repository.  This means we are always in a position to add new features or modify existing features whilst maintaining full version control over the design of your intranet.

User Adoption

Alongside formal training, we can work with groups of your users on a one to one basis to ensure that they maximising their use of the new intranet and there are no blocks to successful user adoption.

Key considerations for Microsoft SharePoint intranets


We work hard to ensure that your intranet and portal is accessible to the widest possible community.  All of the intranets we build meet W3C web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

All of the intranet and portal sites we build are fully responsive in design an provide an exceptional user experience across all types of mobile and desktop devices.


Working with Microsoft’s built in security models we can provide an intranet solution that is fully secure whilst at the same time making required information available to relevant users both inside and outside your organisation.   If a truly “fine grained” security model is required, we can augment Microsoft’s built in security with our own custom designed models.

Building an intranet yourself?

There are many good reasons why you might want to build out an intranet or portal based on Microsoft SharePoint yourself.  Indeed, Microsoft SharePoint is largely a “user configurable” product.  Also, there is no better way to learn a product than to use it in anger.

If you are considering the “do it yourself” approach then we can still help with advice and support.  Most do it yourself intranet builds fail to meet their business objectives.  Using aento to help you plan your intranet and advise on the best way to implement the desired feature set will ensure the overall success.

Sharing and publishing

Avoid duplication of effort and the possibility of working with out of date information by ensuring that everyone has access to the same, centralised, controlled content.  Once a piece of information or a document is stored within your intranet it should be the “single source of truth” for your organisation.  We can help you establish a structure for your intranet and a publishing and sharing infrastructure that allows relevant information to be shared with users both internal and external to your organisation.

Document Storage and re-use

A major use case for an intranet or portal is to store, manage and publish documents.   We work with you to establish the best way to organise document repositories for your organisation.  How many different document libraries do you need?  Should you use lookup columns, managed meta data or folders for your document “filing”.  Are there going to be performance issues with the number of documents you want to store.  These are all areas we can help you with.

Feature Set

Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft Office 365 provide a rich “out of the box” feature set that can be configured as the backbone of your intranet or portal.  However, we don’t restrict ourselves to “out of the box”.  If needed, we are able to further customise SharePoint and Office 365.  Whether this be through Microsoft tools such as Flow or Power Automate or by custom software development.  Whatever business information you want to store and manage in your intranet or whatever business process you want to automate, we can provide the right features.

User Experience

With the “Modern Experience” Microsoft has improved the out of the box SharePoint user experience dramatically.  However, it is still “generic” and provides a degree of “clutter” as it provides access to features and functions that most users never need.

Providing a truly exception user experience is one of the key factors in the successful user adoption of a new intranet or portal.   We can fully brand your SharePoint intranet to match your corporate branding and streamline user interfaces to provide easy to use, appropriate interfaces for all categories of user.

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