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Let aento develop your next business application in Microsoft Azure.  Remove infrastructure headaches and constraints and develop your next web, mobile or line of business application in the cloud.  Seamlessly move from rapid prototyping and proof of concept to fully scalable solution.

Bespoke Microsoft Azure development services

We build solutions that scale with your business

aento develops websites, web apps, mobile apps and complete line of business applications on the Microsoft Azure platform.  From solution architecture through, application development, testing, deployment and sustaining.  Our Microsoft Azure development services offer a complete skill set to ensure the success of your project.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform.  It provides an expanding set of cloud computing services that allows us to build, manage and deploy scalable web, mobile and enterprise applications on Microsoft’s global network.  Azure provides a global infrastructure across more data centres than any other cloud provider.

With Azure, Microsoft provides industry leading security and privacy based on a multi-layered security model.  Applications can leverage off of Azure’s existing compliance and privacy certifications.With Azure, Microsoft provides industry leading security and privacy based on a multi-layered security model.  Applications can leverage off of Azure’s existing compliance and privacy certifications.

Our Microsoft Azure development services allow you to take maximum advantage of everything Microsoft Azure has to offer.

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Microsoft Azure is cost effective with per-use pricing that scales as we move through the various development stages of your project to final deployment and go live. Developing in Azure removes the expense and resource required to set-up and maintain on premises servers and other IT infrastructure. Computer and storage resources can be scaled and accessed, on demand, in real time.

Azure allows us to work with the widest range of development tools, languages and frameworks.  Developing solutions that leverage the core Azure services allows applications to be developed efficiently.  Once in production, applications can be managed and monitored easily using Azure’s comprehensive reporting tools.

Applications running on Azure have true global reach.  Azure’s infrastructure reduces cost, time and complexity of operating a global network whilst allowing applications to meet local data residency requirements.

Microsoft Azure development services from aento

The focus of our Microsoft Azure development services is to use Microsoft Azure as a platform to deliver scalable, high performance, innovative software applications for our customers in the following areas.


We develop corporate grade web sites with global reach using scalable resources such as Azure App Service and Azure Content Delivery Network.  Websites can be based on popular content management systems hosted using Azure SQL database, Azure database for MYSQL or Azure database for MariaDB.

Web Apps

Using Azure infrastructure components such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid and Azure Service Bus, highly functional line of business web applications can be used serve employees, customers and partners globally. Web apps canbe used to securely gather and visualise data and integrate with or deliver business processes.

Mobile Apps

We develop cross-platform and native apps for any mobile device using Xamarin and Azure.  Mobile apps can easily be scaled to serve a growing customer base across multiple geographic regions. Single sign-on user authentication enables users to authenticate using Azure Active Directory, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account and Twitter identity providers.  Azure Notification Hubs allow apps to broadcast personalised push notifications to millions of users.  Azure storage provides an infinitely scalable app resource storage.

Why aento?

At aento we have been developing complex applications and working with Microsoft technologies for over 12 years.  Our Microsoft Azure development services offer technical capabilities that cover every aspect of design, configuration and development of Line of Business and Enterprise applications.

Additionally, we have extensive experience of various industry quality systems and regulatory compliance regimes. Whatever the compliance requirements applicable to your industry, we can help you develop solutions that enable you to apply the control and maintain the records needed.

Line of business applications

Leveraging features across the entire Microsoft stack, from Office 365, Teams, Sharepoint and Azure, we build intuitive line of business applications quickly and cost effectively.  Using the Microsoft’s global platform, enterprise applications can be built that gather data from multiple locations, analyse and process data using azure scalable resources and present appropriate data visualisations to different audiences through your organisation, to customers and partners.

Cloud APIs

We develop and consume cloud based APIs using Azure App Service and Azure Functions. APIs can use security provided by Azure Active Directory, single sign-on and OAuth. External APIs can be consumed with CORs support.  Azure API management allows data and services to be selectively exposed to employees, partners and customers. 

Microsoft Azure Components and Services

The components and services available to developers like aento is continuously evolving providing new capabilities and opportunites to develop innovative and transformation applications.  Some key features of Azure are listed below.

Microsoft Azure App Service

Azure App Service

Azure App Service enables development of host web apps, mobile back ends and RESTful APIs in a wide range of programming languages.  Applications run and scale with ease on both Windows and Linux-based environments.  Applications built on Azure App Service benefit from security, load balancing, autoscaling and automated management.

Microsoft Azure Functions

Azure Functions

Run on demand, event triggered or scheduled code with the Azure Functions serverless compute service.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a cloud based identity and access management service that provides single sign on experience to applications running in Azure and external resources such as Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Azure Databases

Azure Databases

Azure SQL provides a highly available, high-performance data storage layer for applications in Azure.  Azure SQL supports relational data and non-relational structures such as graphs, JSON, spatial and XML.

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service that provides a highly responsive, always on, globally scalable solution for application data storage.

Azure Database for MariaDB and Azure Database for MySQL provides MySQL Community Edition provide alternative databases as a service offering high performance and dynamic scaling.

Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus allows data to be transferred between different applications and services as “messages”. Messages are processed in managed queues allowing them to be held until the receiving application or service is ready to receive and process the request. Service Bus allows decoupling of applications and services and provides reliable and secure asynchronous data transfer.

Microsoft Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid supports massive scale event-based solution architectures.  It provides a central hub to receive events coming from a wide range of services and to then distribute those events out to event handlers.

Microsoft Azure API Management

Azure API Management

Azure API Management allows APIs to be published to external, partner and internal developers.  API Management provides sophisticated policy based access to APIs with authentication, caching, access restriction, etc.

Microsoft Azure Search

Azure Search

As part of Azure Cognitive Services, BING search APIs provides apps with capability to search billions of webpages, images, videos and news.

Microsoft Azure Databases

Azure Notification Hubs

Azure Notification Hubs allow push notifications to be sent out millions of users with low latency.  Notifications can be sent to any platform from any back-end data source.

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps allow no-code workflows, business processes and enterprise orchestrations to built on a scalable platform.  Logic Apps can be used to integrate apps, data, systems and services and allow rapid build of enterprise applications.

Microsoft Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a global CDN solution for delivering content.  Azure CDN can cache static objects stored in an Azure BLOB store, a web application or any publicly accessible web server.  Content is delivered to users using the closest point of presence (POP) server.

Microsoft Azure Maps

Azure Maps

Azure Maps provides powerful geospatial services based on the most up to date mapping data.  Services include maps, search, routing, traffic, mobility, weather, time zones, geolocation and spatial operations.  Services are available for both web and mobile applications.

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