Website SEO analytics and monitoring

Are hidden technical issues affecting your website visibility on search engines?  How is your website performing compared to your competitors? Struggling to evaluate the effectiveness of your various online digital marketing and social media activities? 

24/7 monitoring of your website performance , digital marketing and social media activity and audiences from a single bespoke online dashboard.

Your website analytics and digital marketing data in all together in one place

See how your website and digital marketing channels are performing

We offer a complete bespoke, cost effective solution for ongoing website SEO analytics and monitoring of your various digital marketing and social media channels.  Following on from an initial technical SEO audit of your website, we build a custom online dashboard that allows you to monitor all of your digital marketing channels anytime and anyplace.

A full suite of SEO and digital marketing measurement tools

Website SEO analytics, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing and Call Tracking

Data from all of your digital marketing channels all together in one place.

Keeping track of the effectiveness of your cross platform digital marketing can be a daunting task.  We’re here to help.  Rather than wasting time signing into individual services we consolidate all of the services you use into one bespoke online website SEO analytics dashboard that works great on desktop and mobile devices.   Monitor and get reports on all of your marketing campaigns whenever and wherever you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use the same data consolidation and reporting platform trusted by over 3,500 marketing agencies worldwide.

SEO analytics and reporting

What is the online Website SEO analytics dashboard?

The Website SEO analytics dashboard is a single location that provides all of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from all of your online marketing channels.  This enables you to review performance and trends for specified time periods across all of your marketing channels without needing to laboriously, manually login to each service.  Not only does this save you time but having all of the KPIs in one place can give you valuable cross-platform and cross-campaign insights.

The dashboard is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It presents data in graphical and tabular form that is easy to digest at a glance. The dashboard is formatted to work great on desktop and mobile devices.

Need more detail on a particular channel or platform?  No problem.  Clicking on any KPI in the dashboard will take you the detailed results pages for that particular service or platform.  So not only is it a dashboard, its also a single portal to all of your online marketing data.


Run a free performance audit on your website now and see the results immediately.

Quickly identify any technical issues with your website that may be affecting its performance.  Get a report that provides prioritised recommendations on what to fix to improve your website performance.

Our free website performance audit automatically checks the following key areas of your website:


Monitor your website, digital marketing and social media channels with aento's SEO analytics dashboard

Initial website technical audit and dashboard configuration
£120 one time payment

Ongoing monthly access to the website SEO analytics dashboard
from £25 per month

Billed in advance, all prices exclude VAT. Monthly subscription can be cancelled at anytime with no penalty.

SEO analytics and digital marketing statistics relevant to your business

A bespoke service tailored to your particular marketing profile

We understand no two businesses operate the same and no two businesses market their products and services in exactly the same way.  That is why our website SEO analytics service is bespoke.  Our starting point is to create a consolidated online dashboard that includes the SEO, digital advertising, social media and other services that you use and the KPIs that are most important to you.

It starts with your website

As part of the initial website SEO analytics dashboard setup, we also configure and perform several essential technical audits of your website.  Once complete, the results of these audits will be available in your dashboard.

Site Technical Audit

aento website Site Auditor

It’s essential that your website has no technical errors that could impact the ability of search engines to crawl its content.  A technically well constructed website is an essential starting point to achieving good organic SEO.  It is equally important for maximising return on investment for paid for digital advertising.

As content is added to your website, it can be easy to introduce technical errors and miss out on a few “best practice” rules of website building that can negatively impact your organice search engine performance.  Issues may include broken links, missing pages, page content errors, problems with robots.txt or sitemap files. Our site technical audit will rank issues found as being critical, error or warning to enable you to prioritise any work that needs to done.  

Following initial dashboard setup, the site technical audit will be automatically run in the background to continually highlight any issues that may be introduced by adding new content

Keyword Rankings Audit

Keywords and phrases are the terms you think your potential customers may use when searching for your various products and services online.  When you create content for each page of your website, you should consider the keywords and phrases that users would most likely use to find that page.  You should then ensure that those keywords and phrases are used within the content on that page.

We will ask you to provide us with a list of keywords and phrases that you think your customers are using.  Our keyword ranking audit will then find out where in the organic search results for google and bing your pages appear (or rank), for each keyword.

Following initial dashboard setup, your selected keywords will be continually monitored providing you with updates as to how any SEO work you are undertaking is progressing.

keyword rankings audit

Backlinks Audit

backlinks audit

When a search engine algorithm is deciding how highly to rank a website or website page, it considers the general reputation and quality of the website and the website owner.  This is known as “authority”.

One factor that affects the “authority” score for a website is the number and authority of other websites that link to content in that website.   These links in from external websites are known as backlinks.

Generally, the more backlinks you have to your website from other sites with good authority scores, the better your website authority score will be.   Conversely, if you have a lot of backlinks from websites with low authority scores, this will negatively affect your website authority score.

You can expect better search engine performance with higher website authority scores.

Our backlinks audit will provide you with a list of websites that currently backlink to your site along with information on their authority.

Following initial dashboard setup, we’ll continue to monitor your backlinks and provide updated data inside your dashboard.

Track SEO performance and digitial marketing return on investment

Monitor your website and all of your online marketing channels in one place

From google analytics to google my business, google and facebook ads, to instagram, linkedin, twitter and youtube.  Monitor all of your data in one place with unrivalled clarity.

Google analytics logo

google analytics

Access all of your google analytics data using clear, intuitive data visualisations.  Get insights into traffic sources and channels, demographics and conversions.  The google analytics KPIs in your dashboard link to full detailed google analytics data.

Note: google analytics is a free service that is essential for your website.  If you don’t already have google analytics configured for your website, we’ll set it up for you as part of our initial dashboard setup.

aento Google Analytics dashboard
Google AdWords Icon

google AdWords

Analyse your google AdWords campaigns.  See all of your PPC metrics.  Monitor keyword performance and track conversions.

aento Google AdWords Dashboard
Facebook logo


Track likes, audience engagement and monitor performance of your facebook pages.

aento Facebook ads dashboard
instagram logo


Track followers, monitor posts and analyze audience engagement.

aento instagram ads dashboard
linkedin logo


Track influence, get industry insights, monitor enagement.

aento linkedin dashboard
twitter logo


Track growth, monitor engagement, get real time data.

aento twitter dashboard
Youtube logo


Monitor video analytics, track subscribers, view demographics and measure engagement

aento youtube dashboard

Monitor your website, digital marketing and social media channels with aento's SEO analytics dashboard

Initial website technical audit and dashboard configuration
£120 one time payment

Ongoing monthly access to the website SEO analytics dashboard
from £25 per month

Billed in advance, all prices exclude VAT. Monthly subscription can be cancelled at anytime with no penalty.

24/7 monitoring of all your digital marketing channels

Other marketing channels, we can include in your dashboard

SEO and analytics channels

Digital advertising and Pay Per Click channels

Email marketing channels

Ecommerce channels

Review channels

Call tracking channels

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