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Need a website to sell your products or services?  A well designed, mobile friendly, bespoke online shop from aento will maximise customer engagement and drive sales and business growth.

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Get your business selling online

Bespoke, SEO optimised e-commerce website design and online shops for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to get your business selling online for the first time or to expand an existing online presence, we can help at every stage.

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E-commerce website design that supports your business

aento designs and builds bespoke e-commerce websites and online shops using the open source WooCommerce and WordPress platform.

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WooCommerce website developers

We build beautiful WooCommerce websites

WooCommerce and WordPress have a thriving eco-system of add-ins, plug-ins and extensions that provide additional functions and features to the core platform allowing us to build an optimised e-commerce website quickly and reliably.  Extensions are available to support different payment gateways, shipping solutions, online marketing, accounting, customer service, etc.

The platforms are also developer friendly meaning that we can provide any unique functionality you need for your online store by developing our own add-ins speciifc to your business requirements.

If you have back end systems such as accounting or logistics that you want to integrate with your online store, aento has the coding skills and experience to integrate with a wide range of 3rd party systems.

Whether you’re looking at an e-commerce website design for the first time or looking to expand your online presence, we can help you every step of the way.  From helping you organise and categorise your products into a coherent online store structure, through advice on payment gateways, shipping solutions and more.  We can advise you on how best to describe and organise your products in order to maximise their visibility online.  Once we’ve built your e-commerce website we can advise on digital marketing and set you up on our digital marketing and SEO analytics platform so that you can monitor shop performance on an ongoing basis.

Affordable Ecommerce web design

E-commerce web design from £1,450

You want your online store to be unique and meet your specific requirements.  We don’t offer a range of rigid, pre-priced e-commerce website packages.  Rather we like to discuss your project with you and provide a FREE quotation that matches your exact needs and budget.  We pride ourselves on offering competitive, fair pricing top quality services.

e-commerce web developers

Whatever you need from your online store, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever you’re looking to sell online, shippable products, downloadable software, subscriptions and memberships, or want an online reservations for your hotel, restaurant or equipment hire business, we can build an e-commerce website design that works hard for you.

We’re developers as well as designers so you can rest assured that whatever functions and features you need for your ecommerce website, we can deliver them on time and on budget.

Easy to use shop management based on WordPress and WooCommerce
Fully customised and bespoke design to match your brand and objectives
Responsive design - works on all devices
Optimised website performance - will load fast on all devices
Free SSL certificate (https://)
Page designs to match your products and services
Product database configuration
Payment gateway setup
Shipping configuration
GDPR compliant privacy policy and cookie policy pages
Advanced contact form, including email notifications and contact database
Included high quality stock images
Included high quality stock video
Customer reviews and training
Social media linking
Social media feeds
Google maps integration
W3C web accessibility standards compliant
Fully SEO optimised
Automatic site map generation when changes are made to the site
Submission of site to search engines
Setup of google analytics and google search console
Setup of Google My Business
Full Training

E-commerce website design from £1,450

Fully customised, powerful and fast online store design tailored to your exact needs.

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Free, no obligation, quotation

Fully bespoke e-commerce website design typically includes:

  • Easy to use shop management based on WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Fully customised and bespoke design to match your brand and objectives
  • Responsive design - works on all devices
  • Payment gateway setup
  • Shipping system setup
  • SSL certificate
  • Page designs to match your products and services
  • GDPR compliant privacy policy and cookie policy pages
  • Social media linking
  • Social media feeds
  • Web accessibility standards compliant
  • Fully SEO optimised
  • Site map generation and submission of site to Google and Bing
  • Full training


Run a free performance audit on your website now and see the results immediately.

Quickly identify any technical issues with your website that may be affecting its performance.  Get a report that provides prioritised recommendations on what to fix to improve your website performance.

Our free website performance audit automatically checks the following key areas of your website:


UK based ecommerce website design

Support with every aspect of your online shop

We build online shops that are easy for you to manage and maintain.   Our e-commerce website design will grow with you as your business grows.  When designing and building your e-commerce website we work with you to focus on the customer experience ensuring that the customer journey to purchase is as intuitive and easy as possible.

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Content management system (CMS)

The WooCommerce and WordPress platform is a content management system or CMS.  A CMS essentially separates the content  of your website such as product information from the overall design of the website.

What this means is that you can easily manage your online shop through an intuitive, easy to use, administrator interface.  You can add or modify product information, add promotions and run sales campaigns, add new pages or blog posts, etc.  without needing to worry about how your new content will look.   All content will automatically follow the overall website design and layout that we setup for you.

This also means that when it comes time to refresh your website look and feel, we can re-design it and all of the content on the website will automatically adapt to the new design.   A CMS gives you ease of management, flexibility, scalability and future proofing

Full service e-commere site development

Site structure

When you consider opening an online shop, it is important to consider how you want to organise and categorise your products and services such that they can easily be found by search engines and users.  We work with you to optimise your product database structure and help you get product data into your new website.   If you already have product data in a suitable format, perhaps from your accounting software, we can create a software routine to automatically import that data into your new online store.

web design for e-commerce that works on all devices

Mobile first design

Statistics for 2019, show that 82% of customers use their mobile phone whilst making a decision to buy from an online store.  52% of users are put off by an online shop having a bad mobile experience with 40% of users ultimately buying from a competitor having a store with a better mobile device experience.

aento’s e-commerce website designs focus on mobile device usage and provides exceptional user experience across all devices, mobile and desktop.  We also design sites to meet accessibility critieria for users with visual and other impairments.

Customised, on brand, e-commerce stores 

Bespoke design

We don’t use or re-use generic design templates when we build online stores for our clients.  Your business is unique and your e-commerce website design needs to be just as unique and fully represent and enhance your brand.  It is also key that users find your online shop attractive and intuitive to use with products and services being easy to find with a simple shopping cart and purchase experience.

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Customer accounts

You want to provide exceptional service to your customers and encourage them to keep engaged with your business.  A great way to do this is to allow customers to setup user accounts with your online store.  For users, a user account is a great feature to be able to keep track of orders and purchases.  For the online store owner, a user account is a great source of marketing data and allows you to customise the user experience.

If you are going to be keeping customer details, however, you will need to be aware of data security and privacy regulations in your target markets such as GDPR in Europe.  aento can help you ensure that customer data is held securely and that your online store complies with local regulations for data security and privacy.

Full stack e-commerce development agency

Secure payment provider integration

It is important that users have confidence in the security and reliability of payment processing on your online store.  aento’s e-commerce website designs can integrate with proven, trusted payment services such as PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay and Stripe.  We protect your online store using SSL encryption that allows the secure padlock symbol to be displayed in web browsers.

If you’re shipping internationally, you may be subject to different tax rules in each of the countries you deliver to. Some payment providers can handle this for you and it may be worthwhile considering a suitable payment provider in this case.  Additionally, extensions are available for WooCommerce to support handling and recording international tax.

Complete e-commerce website development packages


Establishing how to ship products from your online store can present a number of challenges.  You want the process to purchase your product to be as streamlined as possible so it is essential that users can establish the best shipment method and cost available to them as part of the checkout process.   Offer free shipping or absorb partial shipping costs based on the wrong information and your store could end up losing money.  Equally charging too much for shipping can result in lost sales.

Our e-commerce website designs enable you to accurately record product packaging information such as weight and dimensions.  We can integrate your online shop with your carriers of choice and ensure that users are always presented with accurate shipping cost based on products being purchased and logic and rules that you define

Optimised e-commerce web applications

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All websites designed by aento are technically optimised for good search engine performance and e-commerce website designs are no exception.  We design online shops that ensure you can add, modify and delete product offerings from your store without worrying about negatively impacting on search engine performance.  We provide you with guidance on how content and descriptions of products should be written in order to maximise the visibility of your product catalogue in search engine results.

Future proofed e-commerce websites

Scalable to grow with your business

All e-commerce website designs developed by aento are future proof and provide capability to expand rapidly both in terms of number of products and services offered through the site and in the number of customers using the store.

Our web hosting provides access to our integrated distributed global Content Delivery Network allowing your ecommerce website design to be made available to users around the world.  A user accessing your website from Australia will experience the same high speed page loads and content delivery as a user in the UK

e-commerce website developers

Ongoing Support

After the initial launch of your e-commerce website design, we provide a unique package of ongoing support and maintenance that includes access to our comprehensive website SEO analytics and monitoring platform.

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High Performance

Starting with our own high performance, professional hosting platform, we ensure that online shops designed by aento provide quick page loads and high speed delivery of content.  This is critical.  Recent data indicates slow page speed can result in a 97% abandonment of shopping carts on online stores.  For larger and more complex e-commerce website designs we can provide virtual private servers or dedicated servers to run your website.

If you’re selling internationally, our global Content Delivery Network, means that you’re website can be accessed from anywhere in the world with no impact on website responsiveness.

icon representing website SEO analytics and monitoring

Website SEO analytics and monitoring

Once your e-commerce website design has been launced you can monitor its performance. along with all of your digital marketing and social media accounts, with our online digital marketing and SEO analytics portal.  Our online dashboard is available 24/7 and gives you a single report on all of your online activity.

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Professional WordPress maintenance

We provide complete ongoing maintenance and support to your website.  From daily full site backups and security scans to constant uptime monitoring, regular database optimisations and priority technical support.  Never worry about your website again.

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