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Looking for a partner to design and develop corporate websites, micro-sites, landing pages, mobile and web applications or to integrate your public website with backend processes.  aento provides a full stack website design and development service that can be tailored to meet your project goals.

Corporate web design services for businesses of all sizes

Flexible, high quality, value for money web design services

From complete, turnkey projects to augmenting in-house resources and working as part of a larger project team, aento’s Corporate website design and development services provide flexibility and value to clients working within corporate constraints.

Comprehensive business web design services

Full stack Corporate website design & development

The definition of what a “website” is and does has evolved and widened greatly and rapidly in recent times.  Most users now consume websites on mobile devices and often require a mobile app experience.  A website is now no longer a simple shop window displaying a static presentation of a companies products or services It is now a dynamic portal offering instant access to constantly updated, product and service information, e-commerce, business data, 24/7 technical support and other tools.  Every aspect of a business’ operations can now be delivered online both internally to employees and externally to partners and customers.

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UK based web design and development

Simple websites or complete end to end line of business applications

A “website” is often no longer a single entity hosted on a single server.  Rather it can be a coherent eco-system of micro-sites and applications, often running on different platforms that work seamlessly together to provide a comprehensive set of portals and tools supporting the entire business and customer base.

At aento we use the term “Corporate Website design” to refer to “the whole” of an organisation’s set of web based, cloud and mobile applications.  In this distributed model, development of new assets within the overall “Corporate Website” is often the responsibility of individual departments and individual project teams, not always having the full range of technical skills or the internal resource required to complete the development.

That is where aento’s website design and development services can provide valuable support to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

aento provides “full stack” web design and development services covering the entire development lifecycle.

Requirements gathering and analysis
Project planning
Product specification
User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design
User accessibility auditing
Style guide preparation
Web design optimised for mobile, desktop and bespoke web clients
Web application development, line of business applications, data gathering , analysis and presentation
Software coding and development
Integration with 3rd party systems
Ecommerce systems
Search Engine Optimisation
Website test and audit
Website analytics and performance monitoring
Ongoing maintenance and support


Run a free performance audit on your website now and see the results immediately.

Quickly identify any technical issues with your website that may be affecting its performance.  Get a report that provides prioritised recommendations on what to fix to improve your website performance.

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Professional website design and development

Why chooose aento?

aento offers wide experience of working with national and multi-national companies and with specific departments within those organisations on a variety of design and development projects.  We are well versed in working to different corporate guidelines and design style guides and within wider corporate project teams.

We are used to interfacing with disparate departments within organisations, from marketing through product design and manufacturing. We are familiar with corporate reporting and monitoring systems.  We use industry standard tools that make it easy for us to communicate with clients.  We are able to provide missing or additional website design and development resources to our corporate clients on a flexible basis.

Our experience extends beyond the technical skills for corporate website design and web application development into corporate quality systems and regulatory requirements.  Our staff have over 25 years experience providing consulting and development services to corporate clients.

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Technologies and tools for Corporate web design

We work with a wide range of technologies and tools

aento has experience of working with a wide range of technologies and tools.


Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Graph
Microsoft SharePoint Framework (SPFX)
Adaptive Cards


SQL Server

Design tools

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Balsamiq Mockups
Microsoft Visio
XMind Mind Mapping

Development tools

Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Visual Studio Code
Gulp Task Runner

Project planning, management and communication

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Teams

Code repositories and version control

Azure repos
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